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Finite States has developed a Web Based Billing Inquiry System that migrated an existing client server based web billing inquiry system to a web based inquiry system. The users of this system are Customer Service Representatives (CSR) and Agents.

The system has the following key features:-

  • Provide secure access to the users
  • Present data most often looked at, or data used for identification as discrete data fields
  • Provide a summary of billing information (transaction history)
  • Provide navigation and ease of use

Business Benefits:-
Finite States's Framework Approach and Project Management Methodology ensured completion of this project on time and in budget. The client had measurable ROI that included:

  • Agent billing inquiry questions - Savings of $500 K over 2 years
  • Enable Personal Insurance to remain competitive as other carriers already offer this service to agents
  • Deliver an ease of doing business for agents
  • Expand existing value-add services for agents

Technology behind the Planning System:
Finite States's solution was based on Finite States e-framework. The development was done using J2EE Technologies with IBM Websphere, EJB and Struts framework and the architecture was a Model 2 Implementation. This architecture allows separation of View and , thereby making future enhancements easier and ensuring scalability.