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Effective transportation management solution and logistics systems form the backbone of ensuring timely delivery at minimal cost, a critical success factor for organizations today.

Adoption of concepts like Collaborative Transport Management Solution (CTM) would extend Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) to include shipment, delivery and payment to the carrier. A successful implementation of the same would require enterprise-wide real-time integration coupled with the adoption of new technologies facilitating efficient, cost effective decision-making.

The introduction of wireless technology and the adoption of web-based collaborative systems have resulted in a trend of manufacturers outsourcing the entire logistics function to derive cost and efficiency benefits to Third party Logistics (3PL) providers. In addition to managing the transportation management requirements, the 3PLs also manage the documentation and regulatory requirements involved in delivery.

Finite States brings its technology and domain expertise across the area of transportation and logistics, in enabling organizations ensure customer value delivery.

Transportation customer analysis from Finite States for freight & logistics:

Gain a competitive edge with Customer Knowledge
Transportation Customer Analysis from Finite States provides valuable insights into the history and needs of your customers. With this information you can target your marketing efforts toward your highest-value customers giving them better service.

Our Solution
Finite States is experienced in developing Customer Relationship Management solutions for transportation companies.

Finite States provides the complete solution:-

  • Hardware, software, consulting and implementation
  • Scalable systems that can grow with you
  • Warehousing, data cleansing, data mining
  • Analytical processing
  • Decision support for marking campaigns

The Finite States Data Model:-

  • Iimplemented using a leading data model tool

Leverage customer information:-
A well-constructed data warehouse can give you useful customer-centric information you can use to your advantage

Transportation customer analysis from Finite States is designed to give you valuable customer intelligence by:-

  • Identifying trends and segments - sometimes revealing previously unnoticed patterns
  • Predicting future customer values
  • Enabling you to use this knowledge for targeted marketing

Transportation customer analysis can help you gather and utilize information about your customers - so you can:-

  • Identify how important a customer is to you
  • Predict their needs and preferences
  • Treat that customer as an individual

Transportation customer analysis includes Finite States Business Intelligence technology:-

  • Data mining
  • Statistical analysis
  • Query and report capabilities

Good Customer intelligence can help you:-

  • Provide higher quality service
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • Retain your current customers for your future business

Understand your customers to deal with them better
Transportation customer analysis is designed to convert data you already have into intelligence you can use.

Let transportation customer analysis from Finite States help you make better use of your customer data:-

  • You probably already have large volumes of data about your customers
  • This data is transaction oriented and stored in different places and formats
  • Finite States can help you organize and analyze your data, converting it to an asset

This solution can help provide:-

  • An e-business plan for your company
  • Ability to 'ride the technology curve' as your IT needs become more complex
  • A scalable information infrastructure to grow with you

Build customer loyalty from your:-
Transportation customer analysis solution from Finite States is designed to give you the intelligence you need to compete effectively:-

  • Analyze and anticipate customer behavior
  • Find previously unknown customer segments, patterns
  • Design effective marketing programs

One key to profitability is cultivating your 'Good old and best' customers

  • Target your marketing to your most profitable customers
  • Anticipate future needs
  • Build customer loyalty for repeat business
  • Gain information to help you get the most for your marketing money
  • Save marketing costs - it costs less to retain current customers than to gain new ones