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Employee Information Portal:
Wireless Enabled Application (WAP) using Finite States's Framework Approach

The Employee Information Portal has been developed for Kyocera Mita America Inc. Kyocera Mita is one of the world's largest manufacturers of copiers and a leading provider of computer connectable peripherals including full color imaging systems, plain paper fax, laser printers and network-ready, multi-functional document imaging systems to over 100 countries. Kyocera's North American operations have expanded to more than 8,000 employees engaged in the manufacture and sale of a broad range of state-of-the-art, high-technology products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This Portal is designed and developed using Finite States's Framework Approach that permits a dynamic site. This is achieved by separating out the data representation from the presentation layer.

The basic use of this portal is to have an application which will facilitate the employees to have a seamless sign on to all the applications assigned to him such as Lotus Notes, Oracle Application, AS/400 etc. As well as the user should be able to publish any kind of document such as expense report, daily report, presentation in any format such as word, excel, acrobat, power point etc. and get that approved by the pre-assigned approver. There would be a User Administrator who will assign new applications, authorization rights to the existing users. A subset of the application is WAP enabled.

Basically, this portal can be categorized into five major modules:

  • User Administration
  • Content Administration
  • Personalization
  • Seamless Access
  • WAP Enabling

User Administration:
There would be at least one person with the administrative rights who is expected to manage the users of this portal. An existing employee of Kyocera Mita does the self-registration and they enter into the system with the default rights. Now, it is the Administrator's responsibility to edit the User Profile and assign him the groups and applications as per his privileges. So, when user logs in next time he gets his pre-defined options. The system gives the flexibility to the Administrator to add, delete and edit the groups.

Content Administration:
This option allows the user to publish, approve and republish documents. The user with publishing rights can upload the document to the particular content group and the designated approver can approve or disapprove the same after viewing or editing it. Once the document is approved, it goes to the particular content group for viewing. Any user can search for any particular document using the keywords.

This portal allows the user to personalize the look and feel of his screen by selecting many templates available to him. That particular look remains consistent throughout the session. As well as, he has the facility to define his personal favorite web links for himself.

Seamless Access:
The portal allows the registered user to have a seamless access to all the applications. Thus the entire web based application such as Lotus Notes, Oracle Applications etc. can be invoked from the system.

WAP Enabling:
The part of the application is WAP enabled in such a manner that any user keys in the details in the system in any WAP enabled device and gets to see its personalized options. One can also view the dynamic news.