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In- House Products

Finite States Inc. product division designs and develops frameworks for most common eBusiness issues which enables us to deploy a tried and tested solution at a low cost and reduces solution deployment time.

The product division has conceptualized, designed and developed a range of products to automate business processes. The products are developed on tested platforms on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Research and Development team rides on technology. The products conceptualized is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and process to improve performance and provide a higher return on investment.

click N create
clickNcreate is a packaged eBusiness solution. It enables building and maintaining a sophisticated online eBusiness solution store a breeze. It's a turnkey solution for order management, transaction processing , eCRM, reporting and decision support.

1. A typical online store can take internal resources in excess of 6 months to build from scratch
2. clickNcreate does the job in 4-8 weeks.
3. clickNcreate reduces the implementation timeframe by having your store built on tried and tested technologies by e-commerce experts
4. The solution assures security and reliability

By freeing internal resources, you realize increased return on investment. The solution is flexible and allows you to start small and grow large quickly

WAP Genesis
WapGenesis is a transcoding server that automates the extension of dynamic web content to be accessible over wireless devices. WapGenesis

1. WapGenesis offers real time content delivery for wireless device by applying appropriate formatting rules
2. It is a platform independent server side product, which
3. Keeps content in sync across all devices
4. Manages privileges to access content
5. Works with any web server and database technology
6. It provides a WYSIWYG editor to view existing sites and creates formatting rules for different wireless devices.
7. Eliminates the need for technical expertise. Wireless friendly content creation is as easy as browsing the web site.

8. Has a work flow management tool to Define, Approve and Deploy content

Brik 5
Brik5 is a suite of products and services that would manage the transformation of existing processes to web services and integration of discrete and distributed web services, by discovering, communicating and transacting.

1. Facilitates the assembly of distributed web services.
2. Increases manageability, security and flexibility.
3. Enables the extension of web and legacy applications as Web Services.
4. Is a communication server
5. Resides on existing infrastructure
6. Easy to integrate
7. Exposes web and legacy apps as Web Services
8. Assembles distributed Web Services
9. Enables plug and play eServices

Fusion Thread
Fusion Thread is an automated XML content generator. The product seamlessly integrates with existing systems to dynamically massage content resulting in intelligent data.
The data can be out to further use to automate business processes, project planning, data mining, decision support systems, knowledge management systems or document management systems.

Fusion Thread is designed to integrate distributed environments and content sources and behaves as a data aggregator to centralize storage and automatically form a knowledge base.