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The ever-changing retail market throws new challenges to its associates as consumers have dynamic and changing buying habits. With the advent of Consumerism the consumer has become smarter and demands more value out of a product. It has made the corporations come up with new and innovative additions to its existing or new products with a motive to gain a better market share.

Our experts have given future-ready web based solutions to the retail industry, addressing the issues of multiple and evolving marketing channels like web, call center etc. The retail industry is evolving and demands more innovative ideas to be implemented. From a ‘Simple Coding’ of a product to ‘Bar Coding’ to RFID’s the same process has been made more efficient to grab more data and to strengthen SCM, CRM, and Merchandising etc.

Our Point Of Sales solution has helped our clients achieve their desired business objectives by reducing the manual inputs.

Our Retail Industry Offering includes:-

Supply Chain Management
Our solution in this area includes managing and streamlining vendors, distribution channels, warehouse and sales. Our solutions are tailored according to client’s expectation and industry needs in order to make all the components of SCM optimal. 

A right product mix is essential to retain customers and to attract new ones. Our expertise enables us to deliver industry specific merchandising solutions, making our customers have a clear-cut advantage of our Knowledge Management tools. The data and information about the customer’s behavior, expectation and buying habits is well captured in our solution to deliver market intelligence reports for the product.

Customer Relationship Management
CRM has now been recognized as a modern, structured and powerful approach to attain sales & marketing objectives of the business world. CRM has always been there in the business for ages, but new sales and marketing channels, cut throat competition, and value demanding consumers has made it necessary to grow stronger to suit the current business needs.