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Finite States's solution use the latest technologies to develop solutions that will reduce the time to market for new drugs, help develop marketing strategies, and manage the sales and marketing processes more efficiently.
At each stage of the process (Discovery, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing of Drugs, Sales and Marketing) information technology is a critical success factor.

Using web based solutions scientists can collaborate their research findings with other scientists worldwide. Search Engine technologies enable researchers to search the global information pool more efficiently and effectively.

Clinical Trials
Companies can significantly reduce costs by using electronic data capture of clinical trials and content management software for submitting data electronically to drug regulatory authorities.

Manufacturing of drugs
Supply Chain Management on the web makes it possible to manage the entire supply chain from inbound logistics to outbound shipments. E-Procurement helps manage costs by web enabled enterprise purchasing of worldwide contracts.

Companies can now enable web based content management technology to access GMP documentation at a central facility via ‘thin’ client.

Sales and Marketing
Companies can use CRM technology to manage their information flow from sales force to doctors and other health care professionals. Doctors and patients to order drugs online via e-commerce solutions. E-Learning can be used to train the sales force, educate doctors and patients in a synchronous or asynchronous manner.

Enterprise Application

E-Enterprise Applications allow managers to access knowledge management data warehouses and ERP systems round the clock worldwide.