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Industry Focus

Man has understood the necessity of banking as early as ‘Stone Age’ when he learnt the importance of transacting through a barter system.  Since then he never looked back. Innovations during the last few decades transformed Banking into a veritable Gold mine.

With the introduction of Credit Card, Any Time Banking, On-line Stock Trading, Mobile Banking, etc. the industry has made giant strides in value additions to its users.  Nowadays, the customer need not visit a bank to get the desired service.  Information technology with e-transaction has eliminated the manual intervention and provided fastest service ever possible in this most competitive sector of the economy.

To meet the ever growing demands of customers, the banking industry has expanded into securities and other financial services and continuously remains competitive to provide operationally efficient, customer-centric and effective risk-management services. 

We at Finite States have unique ideas and solutions using our proprietary framework which fits well into mammoth data processing environment of the banking industry.

From conceiving and realizing complex business systems to providing predictable operating models for mission-critical systems, Finite States provides a wide range of business consulting, systems implementation and process management services.

As the technology partner of its global insurance clients, Finite States combines the understanding of insurance business requirements with the technology expertise, to develop and deliver complete techno-business solutions. The service offering include:-

  • Application Management
  • System Integration
  • Transaction System and Claim Management
  • Insurance Application Integration
  • Agency and Channel Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Maintenance
  • E-Claim Processing
  • E-Policy Administration
  • Channel Management and Integration

How we are different from others?
The Insurance Team has a strong domain knowledge, which brings to Finite States ’s knowledge base an extensive understanding and experience in the functional processes of the financial services industry. Our Domain Team consists of in-house domain experts and a panel of consultants with extensive work experience in the area of financial services and enterprise applications.

Our Technical Team complements the same with its extensive knowledge on almost all technologies including XML, JAVA and .Net frameworks popularly used in the financial services industry. They also have a wide hands-on expertise on legacy maintenance and migration projects. This smooth blend of both functional and technical consultants completes the loop of conceptualization to implementation of any application in the financial services industry.

This combination of domain and technical expertise has been the strength of our offerings. Our solutions are intertwined to offer twin benefits of cost effectiveness and the best operational efficiencies to our customers.