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At Finite States we view e-business as more than just a new website on the Internet. We approach e-business as a source of significant strategic advantage - one that will distinguish one company from another and transform business relationships as we know them today.

Our industry and practice teams invest time and resources to gain an understanding of e-business and its implications for our clients. We analyze its impact on government policies, taxation, legal and commercial operations, as well as the structural and personnel aspects of corporations. Our engagement teams participate in many organizational policies and standards, as well as sponsor studies that deal with core issues such as privacy and the security of personal information.

We also show our commitment to advancement through investments in groundbreaking technologies, world-class centers of excellence, and industry consortiums and alliances.

Our e-Business Initiative professionals work with clients to create opportunities for market growth, new sources of profitability and to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our engagements have covered the range of e-business needs - across dimensions of strategy, organizations, business processes and systems. As our case studies will show, we have helped corporations realize the benefits of e-business solutions - from strategy and design - through to implementation.

Our dedication to E-Business allows us to accomplish the following:-

Achieve Customer Loyalty
Use information more effectively to retain the most valuable customers. Anticipate their needs and tailor products and services to suit them, while protecting the business from competitive threats.

Lead the Market
Stay ahead of your competition through a program of planning, investment and implementation, geared to the Information Economy. Create/ enhance brand reputation and provide superior return on investment.

Optimize Business Processes
Bring products to the market more quickly, reduce the cost of the sale, create integrated customer/ supplier relationships, reduce transactional and overhead costs and improve customer responsiveness and service.

Reach New Markets
Grow revenues and market share by extending the supply chain, promote tailored products and services through new delivery channels. Manage growth and control downside risk through market diversification.