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Organizations today are moving from a state of workforce surplus to workforce shortage, particularly of professionals, or "knowledge workers". To remain competitive, they must not only create a work culture that attracts good people, they must also design a human-performance environment that, in spite of potential shortages, optimizes the productivity of their workforce and its impact on the whole business.

A community of human beings which is forced to confront challenges, obstacles and difficulties everyday is even more united, more efficient and more welcoming if it also shares a certain number of common values. We have successfully grown by cultivating values since our inception which has shaped the operating principles and its procedures.

We offer fair environment for our employees, as well as other programs that make sure that work life is made easier for the employees. They are working on latest technologies and have all the opportunities to build on their careers here.

We practice in real environments what most companies "write" in their annual balance sheets, including our ongoing communication between officials and the employees. There is no ivory tower here. At Finite States, the "open door" policy is practiced. The focus is always on the team and on how we can work together to solve problems and execute what needs to get done.  We are always open to employee suggestions and employee referrals, be it Business Process or Resource Planning.

We monitor our diversity within the organization. IT is one of the industries that attracts a diverse pool of applicants and employees. We try to focus on covering all aspects of outreach with our Recruiting and Mentoring programs. In structured areas like recruiting, benefits and compensation, we review and adjust as we need to and we react to change quickly.

When an employee first comes into Finite States we make sure that he or she is well integrated and supported in what they need and create a synergy with the ongoing Finite States Culture. We act on the term "Business Partner". Our HR Department strives to enhance what the employees are doing in the business. That starts with having a committed team that cares about people in general and what their experiences are within this organization.

We also do a lot of celebrating and promote employee activities. We have various employee meetings with senior collogues and we have parties and happy hours frequently. There are many employee activities, including surprise events like 'Birthday Celebrations'.  We believe in giving pleasant surprises to our employees when they least expect it. This makes the culture more fun and exciting.

We stress on the importance of communication. It begins with managers asking themselves whether the employees have the right tools and support to succeed. We talk to our Departmental Managers about mentoring their people. Overall, we want people that come through the organization to be able to hone their talents so that they continue on their career paths and meet their goals here at Finite States.

Our employees help us hold a leadership position by meeting our clients' expectations and helping them leverage the technical expertise resulting into 'Rapid Implementation of Technology'.


The six culture / values of Finite States:

The independence of mind, judgment, action; the spirit of initiative and creativity, as well as the tolerance and respect for others, with respect to their culture and their habits. We believe in assigning job responsibilities and also in delegating authority and freedom to execute the task. This gives you the confidence and promise for professional growth and development.

Integrity, sincerity, sense of honor, respect for a person's word and for commitments made, and also a refusal of any dishonest methods used to facilitate gaining of a contract or a particular advantage. A mutual understanding of honesty and sincerity between the employee and company helps build a solid foundation for overall growth and prosperity.

A nature to undertake responsibilities, take risks and to enjoy competing; constant questioning of directions taken and of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. A boldness which should go hand-in-hand with a certain level of wisdom. We provide an environment for you to build upon your basics and to hone your skills for a long term commitment to Finite States.

To give people and teams the responsibility, and to make sure that decisions are made at as close a level as possible to those who are to implement them. We believe in an open work environment that is productive for personal and professional development. Trust also consists of ensuring total openness amongst people within the company and as free a flow of information and ideas as possible.

Team Spirit
Solidarity, friendship, loyalty and transparency. We provide the platform to enhance your personal and interpersonal skills through a constant interaction with a diverse workforce from multiple backgrounds, cultures and geographical regions. This solidarity, is necessary to work efficiently with our clients, and also implies generosity and sharing of the fruits of collective efforts.

The feeling one gets when one is happy to work, feels good in the team to which one belongs, is proud of what one does and achieves one's objective in the never-ending search for top quality and the greatest possible effectiveness. Fun at work will lead to enhanced efficiency and will also help in building a bond between the company and its employees.

arrow_black "I am constantly challenged to come up with new and challenging ways to do things and solve problems. I feel if I can dream it and justify it, I can do it. It's the Power of dreams put into action - literally - and it's extremely empowering"

T. Gousigan
Senior .NET Developer, India
arrow_black " Finite States provides the stability and benefits I was looking for, as well as opportunities beyond my expectations to utilize my strengths and talents. My co-workers are fun and friendly, and I feel a real sense of belonging to the Finite States

M. Anand
Developer, .NET, India