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Why Finite States?
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Why Finite States?

At Finite States Inc., salary is just the beginning of the compensation package. That's why we use the term total compensation - it's the best way to illustrate the combination of monetary components that demonstrate Finite States's commitment to its employees. The direct (or cash) portion of total compensation is the base salary, plus Partnership Plan earnings and potential bonus.

Benefits Offered by Finite States Inc.:
  • H1B processing

  • Green Card (Permanent Residency) processing

  • Medical Insurance: Health Coverage through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Direct Access/PPO.

  • Dental Insurance:  Coverage through MetLife Dental commencing the first of the month following employment.

  • Vision Insurance:  Savings for employees and their families on eye care needs including eye exams, frames, lenses, and contacts through the Vision Service Plan.(Optional)

  • Life Insurance: For lifetime security you can enroll for Life Insurance. The provider for the same is GE Financial Assurance. (Optional)

  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan:  Retire confidently, we offer 401K plan for retirement. We offer easy enrollment into this by enabling you to enroll online choosing your own option saving.
Scroll down to learn more about these significant elements of Finite States's total compensation plan. Training Program
Finite States offers the opportunity to grow both in life and in work. Training Program is one such medium. Employees, who have been with Finite States for more than a year, can take advantage of this program and fulfill their desires to grow in this rapid moving pace of technology and entrepreneur skills.


Employees who are salaried - that is, not paid on a time-sheet basis-are eligible to receive an annual bonus. Unlike many companies, where a bonus would go only to those in executive positions, at Finite States all salaried Employees are eligible to participate in the bonus program.