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Global Executive Leadership

Vivek Sinha
President of Finite States Inc.

Vivek is the President of Finite States and its $10Mil application development firm. Holding a double MS in Engineering Science and Computer Science from Penn State and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Vivek is an IT Strategist, with a special knack to design IT solutions for complex business problems.

With more than a decade of experience, his acumen and knack also lies in developing complex mathematical models to optimize operations and improve efficiency and increase consistency.  He has designed and delivered several complex solutions for the retail, transportation and Media sector to extract value out of an existing operation.
Vick Atris
Managing Partner - Sales

Vick manages sales & marketing for the organization. In addition to his duties as Managing Partner of Sales, he advises senior leadership teams on high-impact, projects.

Vick has over 15 years of IT Sales, Consulting & Marketing experience spanning Asia, Middle East, Europe and United States.